Are you seeking to transfer ownership of your SME and pass on your entrepreneurial spirit? Are you aware that 70% of SMEs–representing some 100,000 businesses—will change hands in the next 10 years? Do you realize that only one third of these transfers will succeed?

You have dedicated your life to building your business, and you don’t want to become part of the two thirds who end up disappointed. It is time for you to pass the torch. Like most entrepreneurs, you want your SME to continue to grow, and you’d like to assure its future success.


Preparing to hand over authority and sell your business is not easy. In fact, you may identify with 57% of the 301 business owners surveyed by CROP on behalf of Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton in the fall of 2013 and feel you lack knowledge about the way in which to conduct the transfer of your company.

FUSACQ can answer your questions. We will work closely with you, our team of professionals supporting you through your upcoming transaction. Our process is completely confidential and adapted to your availability and needs so as to never lose sight of the continuity of your business and your business objectives.


Choosing a buyer who will both preserve your values and focus on the future prosperity of your SME takes time. It’s therefore recommended that you draw on the support of professionals.

The process begins with an analysis of your situation, which will become the basis of our recommendations and help us prepare a strategic plan. The following is an overview of the questions we will ask: 

       ♦ What point have your reached in your personal journey?

  •        ♦ How much do you expect to receive for your business?
  •        ♦ Have you begun the taxation or legal process?
  •        ♦ Do you have an idea in mind of the competency profile of your ideal buyer?

From suggesting measures to take to ensure you obtain the best possible selling price for your business to establishing the price and conditions, and from preparing the necessary paperwork to list your SME on the market to finding potential buyers and strategically guiding you as you deal with the professionals involved, FUSACQ will apply discretion, rigour and confidentiality to every step of the process.


Among the many aspects FUSACQ will take care of is the facilitation of negotiations, from launch to transaction closing.

Contact us so set up a brief meeting and gain a better appreciation of our approach.

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