Business acquisition

Are you in the stage of buying to grow? Economic and demographic indicators invite you to seize opportunities? Do you want to renew the experience of entrepreneurship and think it is beneficial to take advantage of the market place of a well-established company?

Obtaining new customers takes time. According to Industry Canada, fewer than 12% of companies grow by more than 10% per year. It’s an arduous task. However, creating a new line of products carries a risk. How can businesses accelerate their growth?


One solution lies in acquiring shares or assets of an existing SME, as this holds a number of distinct benefits. For example, the buyer gains rapid access to:  


new services, products, intellectual property, patents, etc.   

       ♦ New supplier contracts and/or customers

       ♦ Skilled employees who know their industry

       ♦ Additional revenues, a decrease in expenses, and a reduction in administrative costs


Once you’ve made a decision to act, the key is to find a complementary business in which to invest. There’s just one problem: you lack the time needed to devote to this initiative, as it is an exercise that is both extensive and delicate. Very few people specialize in strategic SME acquisitions, but the experts at FUSACQ do just that.


Supporting you during this process is our main focus. This enables you to concentrate on running your business and pursuing activities to see it prosper, secure in the knowledge that we are paying attention to every detail of the acquisition process. 


Our professionals will help you analyze your needs and will guide you through an objective assessment exercise. We’ll conduct market studies and help you examine the competitive, social and economic climate as well as the potential market response and corporate culture. Nothing will be left to chance; we will support you while ensuring you have the facts and means to achieve your ambitions.

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