Is the liquidity position of your business strong? Is its development plan in need of revitalization? Are sales up and you need to finance your expansion? Has an acquisition opportunity presented itself and you require help with the financing package?

These are welcome challenges! At a certain point, all business leaders must look for an injection of capital to develop new projects. It is a sure sign of growth. FUSACQ helps its clients restructure their finances and guides them in establishing financing strategies.

Regardless of the funding source selected or whether your bank is involved in your vision, we will advise you on the steps to take and the available options.

We will draw up a list of the advantages and drawbacks of each source and prepare financing scenarios based on your objectives in order to help you make a well-informed decision that will best serve your interests.


  • Analysis of your firm’s financial structure and your projections
  • Preparation of the financing structure
  • Support in the production of a business plan based on the financing you are seeking
  • Search and securing of the financing sources deemed to be the most favourable
  • Strategic guidance and counselling throughout the process

Devoted to serving your interests