Commercial HVAC




+ $7.7 M


+ $330 000


Greater Montreal

Company overview

We have the mandate to introduce strategic buyers to acquire a client that operates in the field of commercial ventilation, also heating and air conditioning.

The shareholder wishes to reorient himself through a well-organized transition. He is supported by an experienced team that is flexible in its approach.


  • More than 24 employees
  • Loyal customers
  • Young and independent team


A confidentiality and non-solicitation agreement will be required as well as proof of the availability of funds before a prospective buyer can receive the financial information and the name of the company. The names of customers and employees will only be disclosed after an acceptance of a letter of intent for the companies.


Une entente de confidentialité et de non-sollicitation sera requise ainsi que la preuve de disponibilité des fonds avant qu’un acheteur éventuel puisse recevoir l’information financière ainsi que le nom de l’entreprise. Le nom des clients et des employés ne seront divulgués qu’après acceptation d’une lettre d’intention.

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