“I thank them for their efforts. I will recommend them to another friend looking to sell his business”

Marilyn Takefman, Vendor – Cycle Babac inc.

«I dealt with numerous Business Brokers as a buyer. France is definetely amongst the best – she was able to balance business acumen, accounting, finance, legal and fiscal considerations – ensuring that everything was in equilibrium. She did not hesitate to invest the time, from the onset, throughout the due diligence and follow through with the closing. Her advices were directed at ensuring a smooth transaction and when ever possible to erase differences that are inherent to this type of transaction between the buyer and the seller. The process was efficient and enjoyable. I strongly recommend France to any potential buyer or seller.»

José Vitobello, Vendor – Izimage inc.

We had a great experience – from the beginning to the end – all within 9 months. The deal team was super efficient, competent and solutions’ oriented all along. The synergies were there between FUSACQ, my accountant and my lawyer. We are very satisfied with the service and would not hesitate to recommend France to anyone.”

Serge Beauregard, Vendor – Transport Serge Beauregard Inc.

“I have met many professionals in the business; working with France definitely added value to the process. Her collaborative approach instills an atmosphere of confidence going into negotiations and lays the groundwork for winning solutions—as much for the seller as for the buyer.”

André Mondor, Buyer

“The best decision was picking FUSACQ and France to deal with in the sale of my company. Not only did I meet buyers rapidly, she also accompanied me through the whole process. The depth of knowledge on legal and financial aspects did contribute to the success of the transaction, the moral support and great availability also were key success factors.”

Samuel Fontaine, Vendor – Izimage Inc.

“With France, the process was made simple and went very smoothly. We are extremely satisfied with the new owner.”

Pierre Fortin, Vendor – Laboratoire Cosmeto

“FUSACQ (France de Gaspé Beaubien) was able to follow our company and understand our strategy and positioning, she identified a partner that we would not have identified at first hand. The tenacity and market follow up, in a strategic fashion impressed us.”

François Théoret, Vendor – Pro-J-Pharma

« We were dealing with another firm for the search for an acquisition potential. Rapidly, as we migrated with FUSACQ, we had the impression to graduate from Pee Wee to the Major league. »

Normand P, Buyer

«We were followed and supported throughout the process. We were patient, the company valuation was brought up to the desired level. The transition is happening very well with the new owners and we are very satisfied with the process, the price, the advices, and the outcome. We intend to stay on with the strategic buyer on the long term.»

Jocelyn Aubin, Vendor – Industries Rada

«Our acquisition was a marathon and spanned quite a timeframe. The efforts were consistent and we are very happy about the outcome: the price and the negociations.»

M. Bergeron, Buyer

« France – she is the Queen of Hearts, with the joker up her sleeve !»

Simon – long term client