Your time is valuable. Whether you are thinking of selling your SME or making an acquisition, FUSACQ will act as your partner and transaction facilitator in helping you take the next step. By establishing a collaborative approach with you and the other parties, we ensure you the best support possible throughout the process.

Furthermore, our approach leverages your skill sets. Specifically, we will analyze your profile in order to match your competencies with the business model or company you would be best suited to acquire. Does your skill set—in terms of sales, administration, production, technical capacities, etc.—marry well with the strengths required by the business being considered? By orienting our approach in this way, we optimize the solutions and outlook for success of your project.

Our clients count on us as specialists in middle-market transactions to achieve the best possible visibility among qualified and thoroughly evaluated buyers and obtain an optimal selling price.

Beyond the financial objectives sought in the sale of an SME, we focus on the continuity of operations… the sustainability of the business over the long term. We also strive to find the individual or team that offers the right competency profile for your business model.

If we contact you, it’s likely because we have a strategic buyer or seller interested in speaking with you.

We’ll ask all the right questions.

  • Should your business be sold or transferred?
  • If succession is not being considered, what type of buyer profile should we look for?
  • How can your business be evaluated or made more attractive for a potential buyer?
  • Who can we contact regarding the taxation and legal aspects of the transaction?
  • How do you envision the process to hand over authority or transfer control of your business?

Alternatively, buying a business requires both a rigorous approach and a detailed plan. Once the questions have been answered and the strategy and objectives established, the search for your future acquisition can be launched.

  • What are your targeted business objectives?
  • What types of businesses are best aligned to these objectives and to your existing businesses, if applicable?
  • What approach will be deployed to select and contact the targeted company?
  • What are the pitfalls to be avoided?

We will guide you through this exercise with integrity and discretion. It goes without saying that a process such as this can be financially and emotionally sensitive for seller and buyer alike.

Our primary objective is the satisfaction of both parties, as a positive transaction for the seller is also one for the buyer. We focus on reciprocity and a win-win approach. To this end, FUSACQ promotes teamwork that involves collaborating with professionals and other industry stakeholders. This enables us to find solutions that might otherwise have gone unnoticed and to ensure the transaction benefits everyone.

Devoted to serving your interests